Custom Details

Customize your design down to the smallest detail! The following information will give you some ideas about how your custom piece can look...from tooling patterns and leather dyes, to different materials available like cowhide or handmade Navajo blankets.

The options are endless, so if you don't see what you're looking for, contact us about what you have in mind!

Leather Tooling & Dye

Choose your favorite design elements (specific flowers, arrows, scrolls, brands/initials, feathers and more) as well as finish color and optional pops of color. 



Choose your favorite material(s) below or contact us about a special material you have in mind! The products shown below are by no means an all inclusive list. We have a huge selection of materials available for you to mix, match and design to perfection! Availability of materials depends on product size.


Navajo Blankets

Choose from a variety of handmade Navajo blankets in a wide range of colors and designs. 



Pendleton Wool

Genuine Pendleton wool adds instantly recognizable style to any design.




Cowhide is a classic! Each hide is unique...from classic brindle to turquoise acid wash, metallics and everything in between.




Printed Leather

Textures, patterns, prints and colors make these leather options a fun addition to any project!




Basic Leather

Basic leathers are the heart of every project...and we've got every color in the rainbow to choose from!